How to buy?

1. Registration of the user

The registration of the user is intended for the partial verification of the bidder’s identity. The registering form is on this page. After the successful sending of the above mentioned form, the administrator of the auction system receives a note and if all is OK, he will activate the user’s account.

2. Login

The login form could be found on this page. If you enter correct login data, your name appears in the upper blue menu – as the proof of correct login. You can log off by mouse clicking on your name and by selecting "Log off" option.

3. Selection of auction

There is a list of active auctions (can be several or none) on the homepage. The auction is selected by clicking its name. When selected, its name becomes visible in the header; at the same time, list of auctioned pigeons is shown. The page containing auction list is available by clicking the main headline in header or via menu Auctions/Auction list.

4. Bidding up

You can bid up by clicking on the "bid up" option or in the menu Auction – Bidding up. The bidding up is allowed in the case that your offer was higher than the actual offer and if the auction of the dove is not finished. Your offers are highlighted in the table of the actual offers.

Principle of auction

The auction finishes officially at the time that is mentioned in the list of auction on the main page. After this time, 15 minutes are count down and if the actual offered bid for the dove is not increased, the auction of the particular dove is automatically stopped. The countdown of the time, remaining to the end of auction of each dove is mentioned in the list of offered doves or in the list "Actual situation of offers and bidding up." Each offer submitted after the official end of auction means the shifting of the end of auction by 15 minutes. We are offering the chance for registration of another bidder. The dove becomes the property of that user that increases the bid as last. All is running automatically, without any human interference.