How to sell?

1. Registration

Each breeder interested in selling the doves through this auction must be registered by us. The detailed instructions, how to register, could be found in the ”How to buy“ section.

2. Creating of auction

The registered breeder interested in selling the doves in the auction will contact our administrator of the auction system. He will create the required auction for the breeder. The auction will be activated only after the payment of the administration fee to the Talent Quatro z.s.. The fee for one inserted pigeon is only 2,- EUR. The amount for the auctioned dove belongs only to the seller in full.

3. Entering and editing of the auctioned doves

The breeder-seller may, exceptionally, ask for entering the doves into the auction directly by the administrator of auction system, or he can enter them and edit them alone. After the login into the auction system, the option „”Seller” appears, where the options “Editing of doves” and “Editing of texts” could be found.

4. Overview of auctioned doves

The seller can follow the actual situation of offers in the menu “Your Name” – “Actual situation of offers“and “Overviews”.

5. Finishing the auction and transfer of doves to new owners

The transfer of doves to new owners, same as the payment of final amounts is only in responsibility of seller-buyer. The seller is obliged to contact the breeder with the highest offer and to agree the details of transfer with him. The breeders submitting the highest offer will receive the list with the details of the complete auction of the particular dove.

The seller may not bid up to his doves!!! If we will discover this fact, the auction will be finished immediately and the seller will be eliminated from the auction, without any possibility to refund the administrative fee.